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60 and / or Mr. Smith is a widower living alone in a nice house semi - s in a nice part of town. was retired and had a good pension and had always good with money. had freinds and overall it was a very nice man, he as n was. Mr. Smith ( Charlie), but still has an eye for young ladies, very both. But at his age, the type of female companionship, after which it was not so easy to Come on, it 3rat was. This is the reason that both enjoyed their trips to the local supermarket so - housewives turning many who would follow along some of the sexiest see the course of his land by moving slightly awkward with each step. There is always a pleasure when he saw a bend in tight pants, because loved the look of the outline of pannties which included a great ass ! N 'The big tits 3rat too'he in 3rat some of these girls to think about how often police would be able to an eyeful 3rat of cleavage generous. Now, something must be done, Charlie 's cock throb as he imaginedScenarios got away with one of these young women. Charlie 3rat had a big cock, and he felt a pity that none of these women had experience. was then that he had the brightest idea. The sign on the store. Could The announcement of a lady come once a week in order to 'make and dust ' on the contrary, , he could afford, and that they actually do. Y could see the fulfillment of the lady personally, if it was ok for ' work'. Any unwanted couuld be told 'sorry, was the task. ' Y so it was that Charlie had committed to 32 and / or Ms. Karen Lane. is Karen exactly what Charlie was looking for, a pretty brunette and very voluptuous, Charlie did not escape heavy breasts applicants or , of course, his big butt. Karen was very pleased to put ' beautiful old Charlie ' and was more than satisfied with the Charlie £ 50 for a work that offers a few hours a week. Karen had told them ( family) with additional coould they could do, o one morning a week, while humanbby was at work and children at school. Charlie had secret plans to increase his salary, but had to work for it ! course, Charlie has made ​​sure to get up early on Monday s ten to welcome Karen Of course, they see their homework done. Karen knew that Charlie's eyes roaming over her as she was dressed in ski pants and a T -shirt. I was sure I was looking for her big ass, she was the very concsious, made no secret of the is 'the old goat, ' 3rat also flirted her large breasts, as compared tense heavy bra. Charlie then made ​​three-point plan for next week the three Point plan. ACTION- n 1-3 weeks Building confidence and good relations with 3rat Mrs. Lane, give compliments. gently suggest, Miss Lane, the most special money br s Services, it was a secret between them. media N first household tasks or perhaps bare naked, masturbating to anything. EARNINGS PER WEEK THREE. Karen performs domestic work in just her bra and panties Charlie lOved the way of their big melons n tight against the Karen bra is a 36DD cup. Beautiful view of ass and pussy Karen in lace Knicks a stunning view of the bend. Most of scoring big tits and ass. Bra away and Charlie stroking the Great, shaking his cock Karen. (which is fascinated by its size) ACTION 2 3rat 3-4 weeks Mrs. Lane on 3rat big cock in her pussy first time EARNINGS PER WEEK FOUR take accomplished Karen's stretched cunt and satisfied. ACTION 3 take weeks or four Mrs. Cock Lane in the ass. EARNINGS PER WEEK FIVE N DATE for £ 100 Mrs Lane, reluctantly agrees to anal penetratrion is the first time, set exquisite. Mr. Smith's cock is too big Karen continues to be an obedient employees and workers. Like not miss it miss it once a week visit.
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